Highlight the best features of your figure and hide its little flaws. Accentuate the natural curves of your body and make you waist look few centimeters thinner. Female corset can do that and even more! If you are tired of dull looks and want to add a worthy exhibit to your fashion accessories collection, then you should consider our offer. Bodices, body harnesses, bras, bandages and leather corsets will help you correct your figure by giving you perfect shapes, as well as reveal your femininity and sexuality!

What is a corset?

Translated from French “corset” is an element of clothing in the form of a wide belt. Corset is a special device, which helps model your body and which is made of dense and inelastic materials. Usually corset covers an entire torso from the chest to the level above the hips. There is lacing on the back of it and fasteners on the front or on its side. Being one of the most ancient elements of clothing, today in online stores corsets are represented in a wide diversity. 

History of corset: from the XV century to the present day

Famous “wasp waist” silhouette came into fashion in the XV century. At the same time appeared intentionally widen skirts and wide corset belts to tighten the abdomen of poor women. Metal and wooden plates were used as inserts. The trends of the XVI century when Puritanism triumphed are even more shocking. Women had to flatten their curves completely by wearing lead plates on their bodies, while girls even had to sleep wearing them to prevent their mammary glands from growing.

In the XVII century women corsets started to be made of more elastic material – it was whalebone. Nevertheless, the relief of the noble women gave way to a new chagrin. With Catherine de Medici participation there were appeared a new preference for a 33 cm waist! And it is a good thing that soon corsets ceased to be so popular. This is associated to fashion trends of the late XVIII and early XIX centuries, when dresses with high waists became more relevant. In the end of the XIX century first brassieres appeared. At the same time, the dressmakers started to modify, improve, and create new types of corsets, including a novelty of the XX century, which allowed to model female figure in the shape of the letter S.

Health danger of hard tightening: fashion or life

The dangerous of gothic corsets were put on discussion only in the XIX century. Among the consequences of wearing a hard slimming piece of clothes were:

  • Spinal curvature;
  • Omission of internal organs;
  • Digestive problems, etc.

The diagnosis of adolescent girls showed incorrect formation of skeleton of thoracic part of the body and disorders of internal organs development. The lacing was too tight that led to the lung compression, so blood was not oxidized enough, which caused anemia. Pelvic organs suffered from pressure too. The harm of extremely tightened corsets showed itself in different ways, from frequent fainting to early death. But don’t be scared! If you decided to buy a leather corset nowadays, such consequences would not matter in your case. Modern corset models accentuate the graceful lines of your body without any harm for your health, making you think about luxury, beauty and seduction!

Corset victoriously return to the women’s wardrobe

Fashion trends 2019-2020 restored corsets to their former glory. However, there is nothing to do with figure deformation, just chic and super-femininity! That were Madonna, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, EVE, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé and other pop stars, who facilitated the corset return. Many pop stars wear bodices and corsets, from Marilyn Manson to the members of the Kardashian family. We all remember an extraordinary outfit recently posted on Kim Instagram stories, when she had fun at karaoke-bar, wearing a brown leather corset-bustier and a patent leather mini-skirt. 

Sophie Turner posted her photo where she was wearing a white neat Louis Vuitton dress, complemented by a rough leather corset. The collections of such modern designer houses as Saint Laurent, Dion Lee, Olivier Theyskens, Sacai, Chalayan show us new interpretations of leather women corsets. The deliberately sexy Moschino line presents a black leather corset in combination with a plain top. Do not be among those who missed out the fashion trends of leather underwear, tops, bodices, which you can see today on the world catwalks!

Undeniable advantages of wearing a corset

Nowadays corset became a part of casual and evening wardrobe, making you look more feminine, sophisticated and erotic. The properly chosen model will accentuate the proportion of female body, making the figure look more seductive, and your outfit more enigmatic. A black corset made of natural leather creates a beautiful chest line, tightens the waist and make any woman look like a queen. Even the most restrained man will not remain being indifferent after have seen you in a radically different, but very attractive outfit. Boost your confidence in your own resistibility, choose from our leather women corsets something to your taste!

I would like to show my interpretation of wearing corsets and bodices. My items are made of two layers of natural leather, which edges neatly hand-painted. This piece of clothes is more audacious, since the leather itself is very massive and tough attribute that will catch a lot of attention. 

Using such accessories, you can make many looks, conveying your mood by your clothes.

  • The most classic option, you can name it as *working girl. Wear your corset with a basic white shirt. To make your look stricter, put on a straight blazer. That will make your proportions look right. 
  • Also you can wear your corset or bodice on voluminous blouses or dresses with large sleeves. This combination will made your waistline and hips look beautiful.
  • My favorite and the most daring and modern option is to wear corsets with your favorite basic t-shirt or bodysuit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style.
  • If you choose a corset with cups, than you can also wear it on naked body. There are no restrictions! You can make several different looks by changing your bottom. Create a seductive outfit, combining a corset with fitted pants or a pencil skirt. You can also play on contrasts if you choose wide light trousers a flowing ankle-length skirt.

The ALINA MUHA brand can offer several models of corsets. We have items with complex and heavy form with weaving straps. In addition, we have bodices with wide belt on the waist without bras, as well as full corsets, framing the waist, with bras. 

All those types of corsets have a key goal – to create sophisticated proportions of the female body by accentuating the waist and making the body curves look

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